Controls: just press space. Left/right arrows to navigate the game over screen.

TODO: Some text is messed up from the Unity 5/WebGL upgrade.


I created I'm a Good Person during the Cipher Prime "On Rails" game jam.

I was mainly inspired by the Trolley Problem and the Implicit Association Test, and so I wanted to do something that was similar, though less serious.

I also went for a really infographic-y feel.

This also happens to be one of those cases where I made the mistake of not abstracting the game data (the choices you make) from the representation of that data, so the code ended up being a little topsy-turvy and very hacky.

Figuring out how to present interesting data for the "score" also made me realize how little I know about probability and statistics.

Built in Unity. The prototype was built December 13, 2012 and I worked on it on and off for a few weeks.

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